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With its great absorbing and whitening power, it gives your pet a clean, radiant coat. Its use is essential on Terriers, Schnauzers, Nordic Breeds, etc. and on all other breeds whose coat requires whitening. It is also used on areas of the coat that are exposed to dirt, such as paws, elbows, etc.
It is useful for drying and puffing your pet’s coat, giving spectacular volume. It makes trimming easier, cutting less hair.
It has two main uses:
1. WATERLESS CLEANING: It can be used as a substitute for dry shampoos. Its great absorbing power eliminates excess grease and dirt from your pet’s coat. It can be used to clean puppies that cannot get wet due to their age.
2. WHITENER: To whiten dogs with white coats. It eliminates unsightly yellow stains, creating a bright, deep white coat. It lightens areas darkened by dirt.
Apply powder over areas that are to be whitened. Rub in and brush hair.

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