Thermal hair protector (300 ml)


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Net Contents: non-aerosol spray 300ml.
The PSH Thermal Hair Protector provides protection for your pet’s hair against any source of heat up to 230º C such as professional hair dryers, irons, etc. Its formula refracts heat and protects against the loss of water during drying, brushing and ironing processes, guaranteeing and prolonging results.
The incorporation of conditioning, hydrating and softening products in its formulation gives hair a healthy, live, lustrous and shiny look.
It does not flatten the hair or make it greasy. It makes brushing easier by preventing snarls and mats for a longer amount of time.
It protects the coat’s color from external aggressions (ultraviolet rays, air pollution, etc).
Spray generously on dog’s hair before drying, ironing or brushing with any source of heat. Avoid delicate areas (eyes, inside of ears, genitals, etc.)

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