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The new PSH Permanent Whitener has been created to fulfill the need of whitening dark stains on pets with white coats.
Its use requires professional experience due to the fact that a test on an inconspicuous, non-sensitive area of your pet’s coat must be previously performed. The results depend on the amount of time the product is left in, with the possibility of repeating the process a few days later if the stain is very dark or if we want to obtain a brighter white.
Mix the necessary amount of PSH Permanent Whitener in a NON-METALLIC container with approximately the same amount of PSH Revealer. Mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Dip a piece of cotton in mixture and apply carefully and exclusively to the area to be whitened.
40 minutes is the MAXIMUM amount of time the product should be left in. 20 minutes is the recommended time of application. After this amount of time, rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water. Keep product out of eyes. If product gets in eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

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