Coat’s hard fix (300 ml)


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Net Contents: Aerosol 300ml.
The PSH COAT’S HARD FIX is a modern formula texturizer capable of giving your pet’s coat the poper texture typical of rough-coated breeds.
It provides hold, strength and light flexibilty, making it specially indicated as a finishing product on breeds that require defined volume in the hairstyle and roughness in its touch. The hairstlye lasts longers but at the same time provides movement. This product is easily eliminated with brushing and does not cause the coat to become dirty. It does not contain agressive or harmful ingredients. It is an ecological product that respects the ozone.
Do not spray in eyes.
Aerosol format to facilitate its application. This is not a hairspray. Its formula has been studied to provide a product perfect for use in the world of dog grooming. Its adjusted PH and the quality of its ingredients make the product the perfect tool for grooming your pet.
Spray carefully at a distance of 30 cm over the area to be texturized. Let dry and groom as usual.

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