Brillo X-Trem (300 ml)


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Net Contents: non-aerosol spray 300ml.
The new PSH X-Trem Shine has been created as a response to the necessity of giving your dog’s coat a lustrous shine. Its moisturizing components and nutrients not only give extraordinary shine, but also cover the cortex of the hair strand, providing shine, elasticity and softness. IT DOES NOT CAUSE GREASY HAIR.
It can be used on all breeds, but it is particularly recommended for dogs with long, medium or dense hair that requires frequent brushing in order to obtain an extremely shiny coat.
It is recommended for use on dry, clean hair. It facilitates brushing. It enhances, nourishes and moisturizes, providing luminosity.
Spray generously on dog’s hair from a distance of 30cm. before drying, ironing or brushing.

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