Aeolus Hercules TD-900XT double motor blow dryer (H-900X)


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• The most powerful dual motor pet dryer in the world, amazing wind speed of 72m/s. • The breakthrough technology of the HERCULES dryer presents to you the natural heating, quiet and insulated operation. Hence improve productivity in your business.

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Super Blow Force
Unbelievable blow force of 955 grams and even more amazing wind speed of 95m/s, which beats every recorded cyclone on the earth, make TD-900XT the most powerful dual motor pet dryer in the world.
Motor Life Span
Longer carbon brush of 38mm, which is the longest currently on the market, and smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotor, give the TD-900XT a longer lifespan by 30% compared to the previous model, up to 2400 hours.
Energy Savings
A better air flow system and a smaller flow friction force, has allowed H-900XT to perform at a higher energy efficient ratio, thus get 30% savings in energy consumption.


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Вес 24.0000 kg


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