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The new PSH Split Ends Repairing Cream is specifically formulated to delay the aging of the ends of your pet’s hair, repairing and reinforcing the resistance of the capillary fiber in the weakest or most damaged areas of the coat.
The ends become smooth, reinforced, and protected, giving your pet’s coat a healthy look with more volume, shine and smoothness.
It can be used on all breeds, but it is particularly recommended for dogs with long, medium or dense hair that require frequent brushing. It nourishes and hydrates, providing protection. The hair acquires the shininess, waviness, and smoothness associated with healthy coats. The results are immediately visible after first use. Does not flatten or cause greasy hair.
Specially formulated to protect the hair of breeds on which hair wrapping is performed (Yorkshire, Maltese, etc.)
Apply to your pet’s clean hair (damp or dry). Deposit 4-5 drops of Fit Ends Repairing Cream on fingertips and extend and comb throughout hair to the ends, avoiding roots. Massage ends of hair until completely absorbed. DO NOT RINSE.

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