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– The PSH semi-permanent colour fantasy system is made up of 12 highly concentrated, brightgels. They do not fade.
– They are specially formulated to care for and respect the dog’s skin and hair. They are not agressive or toxic if accidentally swallowed.
– The new colour pigments do not require mixing with hydrogen peroxide
(9-volume oxidant) in order to work on hair cortex.
– According to the colour, they with stand 4-6 washings.
– All colours are mixable with each other in order to obtain new colours and nuances and different intensities if they are diluted with water.
– They provides oftness and shine due to the incorporation of 100% natural oils that maintain the elasticity, shine and vitality of the coat. The do not dry skin or hair.
– The colours are eliminated after washing a number of times (4 to 6 according to the colour to be eliminated). The colours can also be eliminated in one washing using the new liquid PSH COLOUR CLEENER. CLEANER
– They can be used on dry or damp hair. They can be appled directly with a brush or spray edon. Unlimited possibilites of use. Leave in time: between 5 and 20 minutes according to colour and instructions for use.
– Due to its high concentration (more than double the usual) and its thick gel form, the product can be applied after diluting with water, preferably warm, which makes it very economical.
They are used to return the natural and intense colour to animals with old, grey, sun-burned, etc. coats. All tones are mixable with each other to obtain (according to our experience and tests) the exact tone that is desried.

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