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Argan Oil comes from the fruit of the Arganis Spinosa tree (The Tree of Life) native to Morocco. Argan Oil cotains a great amount of essential fatty acids, among which Linoleic Acid ( Omega-6) is found. The PSH Argan Oil Shampoo, liquid gold for the coat and skin of your pet, merges with your pet’s hair, hydrating and favouring its regeneration from the roots to the ends. It is specially formulated to regenerate, hydrate and nourish dry, devitalized hair. Dry, devitalized and fragile fur without elasticity and shine will be hydrated and recuperated. Its repairing, hydrating action contains an anti-frizz component that favours long-term smoothing and prevents frizziness, curling or excess volume, creating a smooth, natural coat. Applying on hairless areas eliminates redness and roughness, favouring hair recovery of the area.


The PSH Argan Oil Shampoo can be used directly without diluting or diluted as follows: 1 part shampoo to 3 or 4 parts water. Lather the PSH Argan Oil Shampoo evenly throughout coat and massage gently. Leave in for 4 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. A second use is recommended to ensure optimum cleanliness and conditioning of the animal. The use of this shampoo is the perfect preparation for the posterior use of the PSH Mask or Argan Serum.

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